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pre production

Feature 1

A very important stage where all the planning is thought through. The key to a successful production is planning and communication.

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Feature 2

The production process is where all the pre production planning is put into practice. Here, our crew will travel all over the world to capture all the required footage with the desired equipment.

post production

Feature 3

Post production is carried out in our (new to 2017) Leeds studios where we edit on Avid Media Composer. This is the stage where all the production elements come together and our clients get to see the production come to life. We ultimately output the finished production to the required format.

Quick look at our work

For a glance at some of our recent work from the last few years, please choose from the images below. See more samples.


Choices - Road Safety


Design Museum Doc



Hub - Weber BBQs

Production Compilation

icrick Bumble

Hub - Weber BBQs


Hub - Easyair


HUB Astracast

Building the Butterfly

Fishing Teaser

The Artist

Words From the Crew

Here at The Production Company we are committed to making your production suit your requirements and offer all our creative expertise throughout the production processes.

Neil Thornton, The Production Company, Director

Capturing audio can be challenging in different environments but we always come prepared for any situation.

Chris Delgado, Sound Technician